Cuban Link Chains

Each Cuban link chain in our collection is made with the highest quality and expert craftsmanship to ensure they last a lifetime. Our chains are sourced from Northern Italy, home to the finest goldsmiths in the world. You’ll notice the quality and eye-catching shine as soon as you put these on. We have a variety of cubans chains on offer to suit your look in either sterling silver and 18K gold. Each Le Nom gold or silver Cuban chain comes with an official Italian hallmark, meaning you can buy your favourite chain with full confidence.

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Thin gold Cuban link chain 2.6mm
Thin gold cuban link chain
Gold Cuban Chain 2.6mm

Cuban Link Chain - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Cuban chains made?

We source our chains from northern Italy. It is well known that Italy is home to some of the finest jewellers in the world and we want to provide you with jewellery that can last.

All of our chains come with an official ‘made in Italy’ stamp so you can buy with confidence. 

Are Cuban link chains durable?

These are known as one of the strongest chains you can buy. Whether you are wearing a cuban with or without a pendant, you can rely on it’s long term durability.

What is a Cuban link chain?

The Cuban refers to a type of jewellery design, which interlocks round/oval rings together to create a streamlined unison pattern. This pattern will lay flat on your wrist or chest making it a highly diverse chain for all occasions.

These chains are also known as the strongest and sleekest link chain designs.

Why are Cuban link chains so popular?

This type of chain originated out of a rapid hip hop movement in the early 70’s and has become one of the most popular chains worn around the world due it’s strong look and overall durability. This chain has been growing in popularity over the years, as it can be worn with any outfit and is perfect for layering with other chains and pendants. 

What’s the difference between a Cuban & a Curb link chain?

The cuban is generally rounder, bolder and thicker on both sides and the curb chains are thinner with a flatter wall. The cuban link chain is also heavier than a curb chain due to the tightly linked chain links. 

The cuban is known as one of the bolder chains, as they stand out compared to a more subtle curb chain.

What material do you use with your chains?

Our cuban link chains are made from 18K gold and .925 Sterling Silver. Most online jewellers and retailers use cheap materials like brass and stainless steel. These materials are more likely to tarnish and leave you with green marks. 

We made the decision to use premium materials for our chains to ensure they not only standout from the crowd but also last a lifetime. 

You can head to our about us page to read more about the materials we use for our chains.

What type of cuban chains do you stock?

We stock a range of cubans including the thinner gold 2.6mm cuban link chain and silver 2.6mm cuban link chain and the thicker gold 4.9mm cuban link chain and silver 4.9mm cuban link chain